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Founded in 1996, Fabchem specialises in support technology that is at the core of making underground mining safer, especially at the great depths of South African mines.

Fabchem is a leading O.E.M and manufacturer of strata control products and solutions to both the mining and civil industries. Fabchem offers a total support solution, from drilling the hole for the tendon, to installation, pre stressing, grouting and post installation integrity testing. As a technology leader, Fabchem holds several patents over some very innovative products.

Fabchem is a Black Empowered company (56.62% black owned and qualifies as a level 1 B-BBEE contributor. This means that our clients are able to claim 135% of their purchases with Fabchem for their B-BBEE scorecard. Our Quality Management System has been certified to the ISO9001:2015 International Standard by the SABS.

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Fabchem manufactures mechanical, spin, multi-strand, de-bonded and double corrosion protected type anchors, which are manufactured to the client’s required specifications. Anchors can be made to suit any hole size. All safety critical ranges are tested at the CSIR, to ensure compliance to the required safety standards. Fabchem produces a variety of lock-off barrels, to suit various applications. The PLV Series of barrels is Fabchem’s newest innovation in barrel technology, which features anti-preactivation, specified load tension indication and over-load tension indication.


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