Spin Cable Anchor


SPIN ANCHORS are primarily used as secondary support in soft rock mines, especially coal mines. The anchors are usually point anchored with quick setting resin and are bulbed. Dependent on the Rock Engineer’s requirements, they may also be grouted.

They are manufactured to the customer’s requirements and are supplied complete with dome plate, barrel & wedge. In the event that the anchor is to be grouted, a grout tube, breather tube & gasket will be provided separately. Fabchem also manufactures multi-bulb passive anchors with fishhooks. The bulb spacing is carried out to the client’s specification. 

Spin Trusses are generally used for supporting slips, faults, bullnoses, large roof spans, friable roof conditions (used in conjunction with mesh and straps), pillar wrapping (support). Trusses are made to the client’s required length

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38t Spin Anchor with dome plate, grout tubes, foam sponge, anchor shell & cone

38t Spin Anchor

25t Spin Anchor