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OEM Equipment Manufacture

Electro-Hydraulic Crawler Roofbolters Flameproof Compressors Cover Face Drills QDS Stone Dusters Flameproof Utility Vehicles / Maintenance Cars Hydraulic Power Packs & Intensifiers Hydraulic Cylinders/Rams.

Electro-Hydraulic Equipment Manufacture, Refurbishment &  Repairs

Fabchem has an experienced field service team to provide equipment support, backed by a comprehensive range of spares and supplies which are kept at the Springs works. In addition to supporting the OEM range, Fabchem has provided total rebuilds on other brands of equipment.

Fabchem’s hydraulic workshop is complete with a clean hydraulic room and complete hydraulic testing unit.




CFD FASA1000 Series Horizontal
                                   Exploration Drill 

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