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General Steel Fabrication & Design Services

Structural Design & Manufacture CO², MIG & TIG Welding Services Sandblasting & Painting

Past Projects Completed

Trailers, Chutes, Skids, Working Platforms, Moulds (Concrete), Manifolds, Idler Frames, Hold Down Bolts, Slack Brackets, Conveyors, Production Lines (Various).

Fabchem’s machining division handles jobbing and high production volume runs; and is able to machine the following material: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, brass alloys, aluminum and plastics.

Fabchem has in-house design capacity and can offer its customers support from conceptual design through to full production. Within the Fabchem team are Electrical , Industrial and Mechanical Engineers and technicians, supported by highly experienced Machinists, who ensure quick and accurate responses to customers’ unique requirements.

Typical Products Manufactured include:

 Barrels, bearings, bushes, collets, couplers (drill rod), couplings (hydraulic), cylinder tubes & glands, drive shafts, gears (plastic, brass, bronze, stainless steel), hold down bolts (for mining equipment), high pressure forming capsules, hydraulic & pneumatic pipe fittings, nuts & studs, pin- ions, roofbolt spanners, splitset dollies, shanks, mechanical seals, jaws & wedges.

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