Grout Detector


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The GDT100 (Grout Detector) is a handheld electronic unit device used to detect and provide assurance that an anchor has been full column grouted during and after an installation of a cable anchor. Furthermore, The GDT100 (Grout Detector) is able to detect the presence of the grout two months after an installation of a cable anchor.


The GDT100 Grout Detector uses sensors attached to the Cable Anchor to detect sufficient grout is pumped to cover the full length of the Cable Anchor. Up to 3 colour coded sensors are installed to measure at the start, center and end of the Cable Anchor. Anchors with the Fabchem grout sensors may be purchased from Fabchem.

Powering up

The GDT is shipped with rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. The unit is on and in sleep mode with only its real time clock running. There is no need to switch the Unit on. Charging is done through the USB port either connected to a PC or a wall adapter with a USB connection. After pressing the “Check” button, the Status indicator might flash red and then change to green, indicating it is almost time to charge the GDT.


If the “Check” button is pressed and the “Status” LED lights up RED, the battery must be charged before any other tests can be done. Under normal operation (40 readings per day) the battery should last for 14 days before needing a charge. The Unit takes about 4 hours to charge completely from a discharged state. The “Charge” LED should be Red while the GDT is charging and turn green when charging is completed.


Dimensions: 75mm(w) X 120mm(h) x 35mm(d)

Nr. of Sensor Channels: 3

Download & Charge Interface: Mini-USB

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer

Battery Voltage and Capacity: 3.7V 1100mAh

Charging time: ±4 hours

Maximum Charge Current: 300mA

Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 55°C

Environmental Rating: IP54

Application Operating System: Windows 7 & 10

Enclosure Material: Flame-resistant ABS UL94V-0


3 Channel Detection

2500 Date Stamped Records

Microsoft Excel Compatible CSV File

Real Time Clock

Rechargeable Battery

Low Battery Warning

Battery Low Cut Out


4 Weeks Battery Life at 40 installations per day, before recharging

Intelligent Charger with Fully Charged Indication

Shock Proof Silicone Cover

Tactile Feedback on Pushbuttons

Unique Serial Number

LED Check and Self Check

Installation Mode

When the INSTALL button is pressed, the Detector first checks that no grout is present at any of the sensors. Only then will it allow the grout-pumping-process to start and runs over the full duration to the end, indicating as each sensor gets covered with grout.

The button is pressed again to stop measurement, as the process is stopped. A record of this pumping-process is stored in memory for downloading at a later stage, as evidence that the Cable Anchor is fully covered in grout. Prior to installation, the Check Mode may be used to check that the sensors are in place.

Checking Procedure

Press the “Check” button.

The following should be visible on the GDT100:

The “Status” LED should light up Green (If not refer to troubleshooting below).

All channel Status indicators should light up from the bottom to the top in sequence.

The final status of each channel shall now be shown for 5 seconds

All LEDs switches off to preserve battery power

Cable Testing Procedure

To make sure all the channel leads are still properly connected and no wires are broken off, the following procedure can be done:
Short all the leads together by clamping them onto to big black battery connector. Press the “Check” button and verify that a short circuit is detected on all the channels. If one of the channels still show an open circuit that channel’s wire should be inspected.


After power up, internal startup sequence is performed, and the result is displayed on the “Status” LED. Continuous Green – All OK ready to measure Start Flashing Red turn to Green. Battery Warning (Unit can still be used but must be charged soon) Continuous Red.  Battery Low (Unit must be charged before any tests can be performed) Flash Red 2 times.  EEPROM failure  means that Data can not be stored.


The application can be installed on any PC or Laptop with either Windows 7 or 10. The application auto-detects to find the Detector and displays the serial nr., number of records found, current date setting, and version information. A standard Mini-USB cable is used for both downloading of records as well as charging the battery. The Detector can either be charged from a PC, or any cell phone charger with the standard USB 5V output.