Grout Detector & Sensors


The GDT100 (Grout Detector) is a handheld device used to detect and provide assurance that an anchor has been full column grouted during and after installation of a cable anchor. The Grout Detector is able to detect the presence of the grout for up to two months after an installation of a cable anchor. It uses up to three (3) colour coded proprietary Fabchem sensors mounted into a cable anchor to detect if sufficient grout has been pumped to cover the full length of a cable anchor. 


  • Can read up to three sensors
  • Records date, time and impedance of the sensor
  • Records are downloadable to an Excel readable file
  • Real time clock
  • Rechargeable battery, low & full battery indicator, battery low cut out protection
  • 4 weeks battery life at 40 installations per day, before recharging, recharge via USB
  • Shock-proof silicone cover
  • The device is also available as a data-logger which will take a reading for every hour for up to three months

Our Grout detector and sensors has been awarded runner-up at the Electra Mining and SACEEC innovation and new products awards.