RT Threaded Anchor


Introducing our new RT cable anchor

The Resin-anchored Threaded cable anchor it’ long and installs fast, similar to a resin-anchored roof bolt.


  1. Fast installation using a bolter, similar to a resin-anchored bolt
  2. Longer than a resin bolt, safer than coupling bolts and is flexible (up to 6.5m long)
  3. Higher breaking strength (30 ton) than a bolt (18 ton)
  4. Quicker to install than a traditional cable anchor
  5. Cost effective – saves time and cost of installation

Key benefits:

  1. Made from 18mm compact cable strand with breaking strength of 38 ton
  2. Uses nut and dome plate instead of barrel & wedge, which can be tightened using bolter or t-spanner
  3. High precision thread on the cable anchor, which is cut using a patented technology, which gives the anchor consistant higher breaking strength
  4. Traditional bird cages and crimp at the top of the anchor which ensures good miing of resin
  5. May be installed with full column resin or installed with resin and then grouted if required to achieve full column bond